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May 2019

Escuela Waldorf Cantabria

In the economically weak north of Spain, just outside of Santander, Villanueva de Villaescusa is one of the youngest Waldorf schools in Spain. The first children started attending the Waldorf Kindergarten in 2013 and the first school classes in 2015. When the first six children arrived, the old manor house was still a run-down place that first had to be cleared out. But the manor house, which is even perched somewhat majestically on a hill, seemed attractive to the small group of parents and teachers and wanted to be seized. In the meantime, the busy hands of parents and teachers have cleaned up the garbage, renovated the old high-ceilinged rooms and created a beautiful place and a well-kept garden. On the vast premises the students can play extensively and hide behind the thick palm trees, plant beds and observe the plant growth, the birds and sometimes even a squirrel.

By now, a larger community has formed around the school and the number of classes has grown, so that the school community is seriously looking for another location. And support for this would be desirable.

Nana Goebel

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