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March 2019

Hekima – a Waldorf school on the east coast of Africa

The first Waldorf School in Tanzania was founded in Dar es Salaam, where Arab traders settled the African coast centuries ago and a trading metropolis developed, where oriental elements meet Africa, where socialist heritage and modern smartphone life closely coexist. In 2006, the purchase of a plot of land allowed a temporary building, and in 2012 the 170 students of Hekima School were relocated to the hilly city of Goba. Goba, a district in the north of Dar es Salaam, is open for development. Construction sites are everywhere, a new infrastructure is being created, and nothing is finished yet. Even on the grounds of the Hekima School with its coconut palms, teak and mimosa trees nothing is finished yet.

For some years now, an appreciative cooperation has been growing in the school. The teachers are developing an African concept of joint leadership and are developing the school step by step. There is work to be done at all levels. However, life on the school grounds is still difficult because there is no water. Every drop of water must be bought and be delivered by trucks. In 2019, the well should finally reach full functionality, and every support is welcome.

Nana Goebel

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