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June 2022

AGUARIBAY, a community-led Waldorf school

In 2016, a group of parents from the Waldorf kindergarten Risas de Mi Tierra in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, took the decision to continue their children's schooling with Waldorf education. They founded the Aguaribay School and a civic association, Familias de Mi Tierra. Two years later, they were given permission to open a primary school, they found trained Waldorf teachers and worked to strengthen the school‘s administration and make it sustainabile. Due to the difficult economic situation in Argentina, the parents decided to start small businesses (such as the production of sweets and preserves, the marketing of organic fruits and vegetables, eggs and olive oil, the preparation and sale of Easter eggs and sweet Christmas bread), to help finance the school. In 2020, a "Mercadito" selling healthy products was added to generate an additional funds for the school.
The school building is surrounded by vineyards and a farm with hundred-year-old olive trees. The majestic Andes can be seen from the schoolyard. In 2022, two new classrooms need to be built; then there will be rooms for the seven primary school classes. Any support is welcome.

Nana Goebel


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