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July/August 2018

A new building for the Imhoff Waldorf School

The Imhoff Waldorf School is located in the triangle between Kommetjie, the township Masiphumelele, and the Coloured town of Ocean View, almost within earshot of the roar of the sea and always in the wind from the Atlantic Ocean. Here, all of South Africa’s problems are to be found in closest proximity to each other. And all these problems are experienced by the school’s students, parents and teachers when, which is still harmless, the big street is once again closed due to a march of black activists and the tires are burning, or when a classmate, as happened recently, is murdered. Life is unpredictable, tragic then beautiful again, and must be seized anew every day.

For many years, the school could work on the property of the neighboring farm - without electricity or running water. A beloved and protected place for children of all colors and origins. The school has to leave this location, has bought a neighboring plot of land, and now has to build and is looking for people who want to help finance the construction work. Because this oasis of humanity should remain available to children in the future.

Nana Goebel

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