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June 2021

Waldorf on Turkey's south coast

Where there is normally a lot of activity and life, there has been a yawning emptiness since the pandemic measures cut across normal life. With the absence of tourists, the coffers are empty and parents who send their children to the kindergarten and primary classes at the Waldorf School in Alanya can no longer afford to pay. Added to this is the increasingly difficult economic situation in Turkey with rising inflation and the devaluation of the Turkish Lira.

To keep the pioneer Waldorf School in Turkey alive, it has already received generous support from the Joint Action: Corona Aid and from the Friends' appeal for funds. But it is not enough; the time until the tourists return must be bridged.

And if we succeed in this operation, then there are hopeful prospects, not only for the children at the Waldorf School, but also across the educational landscape in Turkey.

Nana Goebel


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