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Isolda Echavarria Waldorf School

Colombia: This school came into being through the efforts and dedication of Benedicta Zur Nieden de Echavarría (a German lady). In 1983, she gathered the first teachers of the school to carry out a teachers training together with German Waldorf teachers on shapes and design, flute playing and Waldorf education.

Through the determination and initiative of this dynamic and generous woman, who pitched in her efforts and resources, this group of pioneers founded the school in 1985. Since then, children are able to benefit from a more humane education that gives them the freedom to make their own decisions and enables them to serve society. The school is named in memory of Isolda, her only daughter.

The Waldorf School Isolda Echavarría is located in the countryside, in a village called “La Estrella”, not far from the city of Medellin, Colombia. The large buildings are surrounded by lush vegetation, where there are flowers and plants throughout the year.

The aim of the school is to form a community, in which teachers and parents, through human observation and knowledge, which are the principles of Waldorf education, find a way of working with and educating children and young people in such a way that will help them develop their personality and become driving forces in the change of society.

Children aged between one and 18 are allowed to attend the school. There are two toddler and four kindergarten groups and one class each from first through eleventh grade. In addition to classrooms, there are art workshops, scientific laboratories as well as sports, theater and playing facilities. They are all designed in a generously and user-friendly manner so that students feel comfortable using them.

Since 2007, the school belongs to the network of the UNESCO associated schools and since 2008 it hosts German volunteers sent by the Friends of Waldorf Education and sends young volunteers to Germany, where they work in social facilities.

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