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Associação Beneficente Parsifal - São Paulo

Brazil: Associação Beneficente Parsifal is an organisation founded in 1991. The initiative hosts a workshop as well as a Waldorf support school consisting of a kindergarten and the grades 1-8. Today 47 people attend Associação Beneficente Parsifal. A therapeutic centre is part of the institution as an additional support for children, teenagers and adults. The centre offers art- and music therapy, massage and chiro-phonetics and hand crafting.

The “puppet studio Evi” introduced an extraordinary possibility. Mother’s were now able to learn handcrafting, a kind of work which they could continue at home and thus earn some extra money without leaving their children unattended. “Puppet studio Evi” did not only give hope to families which beforehand had quite some difficulties in budgeting their daily needs, but it also gave hope to people with psychological disorders, who otherwise would have completely been cut off the job market and who could now be integrated into the studio in the course of time.

Despite all the busy hands, the demand of the products could soon no longer be covered, as the puppets gained popularity in the US, Canada and Germany. The huge pile of work made it more and more difficult to focus on the assistance and support of handicapped people. Therefore it was necessary to found Associação Beneficente Parsifal in 1991, in order to help those in need in a suitable environment.

The youngest members attend kindergarten, until they are old enough to join class 1 of the school. In the afternoon everybody has the possibility to play or to learn practical abilities in the initiatives own nursery, bakery or carpentry. Additionally whoever is in need, can find individual support in completing school work or improve their reading and writing skills.

The workday in the workshops lasts from 8 am to 4 pm. The workshops include a weaving mill, carpentry, a bakery and a workshop specialized on the manufacturing of musical instruments. Apart from work the initiative focuses on fostering social relationships through artistic work and the celebration of seasonal festivals.

80% of the initiative is externally funded. Being recognized as a beneficial institution by the Brazilian government Associação Beneficente Parsifal remains dependant on sponsorships and financial aid, in order to continue their wonderful work.

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