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COVID relief for Adivasi communities in India

The corona virus is causing the Indian health and economic system to collapse, leaving many people without access to necessary health care and basic food. Dhaatri Trust, an NGO in Hyderabad, is providing emergency assistance to Adivasi families, the indigenous population of India. This includes emergency Covid precautions and vaccine awareness, food and immediate livelihood support.

The lack of infrastructure in rural areas makes it difficult for Adivasis to access the care they need during the Pandemic. The willingness to vaccinate is still low due to misinformation and hence risk of infections is high.

Due to lockdown restrictions and rapid spread of Covid, the poor are not having livelihoods and employment. It has created a critical situation in food security as many communities are starving. They are already malnourished and having respiratory ailments. Now Covid is causing grave risk to women and children's health. Self-isolation is hardly possible, as there are no places for it either at home or in the village.

Through your donation, you can help support people with emergency food support for families, kitchen garden support for women's livelihood and children's nutrition and education kits during this crisis, especially for women, widows and malnourished children.

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