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An Agricultural Training Centre Providing Prospects

Namibia: Since 1995, two married couples are bio-dynamically cultivating the 8500 hectares of Farm Krumhuk. The requirements of the farm community led to the foundation of a Waldorf Kindergarten and some of the school kids are attending Waldorf School Windhoek. The successful farm work eventually led to the establishment of ATCK (Agricultural Training Centre Krumhuk) in 2009. Here young Namibian school graduates get the chance to learn what it takes to become successful farmers.

The amount of rain coming down in 2009 was massive as hardly ever before in Namibia - 500 mm in a period of five moths. In Germany that would probably cause a lot of worries. In Namibia, that was certainly not the case. There it meant an occasion to celebrate. On Farm Krumhuk the harvest was better than ever before, for a while the water shortage could be forgotten as a challenging problem and the cattle grew and developed very well, giving hope for a lot of new calves.

Farm Krumhuk is not only an example for the challenges of the country due to its water shortage, but furthermore it is a role model for the vast possibilities standing open for Namibia. Apart from the desert like wideness, which can be found on the farm premises, the initiative mirrors the ethnic diversity of the Namibian population: Four ethnic groups work together on the farm and six languages are being spoken in everyday life. This variety of background also unifies various chapters of Namibian history.

The farm already used to be property of a white family, even before Namibia became a German colony. During colonial occupation, a Café was located on the premises, which every Sunday used to be a meeting point for white people. Today these facilities host ATCK a Training Centre for young Namibian school graduates who want to become farmers. As well as in the farm community, the ethnic groups are diverse here as well.

The farm cattle includes 500 cows. Apart from dairy processing, from which yogurt and cottage cheese is being sold at the weekly market in Windhoek, Krumhuk also hosts a slaughterhouse so that steaks and smoked meat is additionally a part of the farm’s variety of goods, as well as bio-vegetables growing greenhouse, established in 1998.

Regularly various events take place, in order to foster the farm community. There also is a weekly meeting with all of the staff. A supplement is the staff-Eurythmy every two weeks, as well as the choir and the collective celebrating of annual festivals.

Despite all the hard work and the tight financial means, the members of the farm community look into the future with a lot of confidence. They are fully aware of the uniqueness of their project in Namibia and consider their good work approved every time the energetic young people start their training at ATCK in order to obtain the skills of a successful farmer.