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Sarah (9)

Sarah is a talkative, cheerful young girl who is slowly integrating back into in-person classes. When we first started the school year, she was quite nervous and had a hard time settling into her activities; however, little by little she is feeling safer and more confident about herself and her surroundings, which allows her to participate with more presence and attention.

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Khayone (8)

Khayone lives together with his mother in a hut, she takes him to school on foot every day and also picks him up again. She is a loving and dedicated mother. Khayone is a diligent student; he is smart and loves school. He reads well and is incredibly quick with numbers. He particularly enjoys writing stories and drawing pictures. In his free time, Khayone likes to play outdoors with his friends, preferably football. He also likes to make music and counts the days until the next school trip every time.

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Nia (12)

Nia comes to school every morning with great joy. She is a very inquisitive girl and always takes an active part in the lessons. Nia designs her period books with great attention to detail. She enjoys playing the violin and looks forward to the school orchestra rehearsals every week. Her friendly and communicative nature makes her popular with many of her classmates. Unfortunately, both parents are currently unemployed. They are particularly involved in the school's day-to-day life, as they are unable to support the school financially and are very committed to Waldorf education.

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Lance (10)

Lance Patrick is generally kind and warm, and sanguine in temperament. He has a friendly disposition and expressive with his feelings toward others. Lance Patrick is a child who you would often find smiling and in high spirits, someone who loves fun and gets easily excited. He enjoys learning new things and openly asks help if he needs it. Reliable and responsible both at home and school, Lance Patrick helps out in his family's "sari-sari" store and from time to time, goes with his father in the paddy field to do farm work. Lance Patrick is from a low-income family. His father is a humble farmer and his mother worked at a local school as a cleaning lady. Their other source of income is the family's sari-sari store.

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