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Debahni Regina (9)

Debanhi is a loving, affectionate, happy and independent girl. She is very expressive, sociable and friendly to everyone. She takes her time to understand what is being worked on, looks and listens with wonder and devotion to what is being described. She loves to color and play with her classmates. Debanhi is a triplet and lives with her two brothers and her parents. Due to the pandemic, the family has had difficulty raising school fees in the past.

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Khayone (8)

Khayone lives together with his mother in a hut, she takes him to school on foot every day and also picks him up again. She is a loving and dedicated mother. Khayone is a diligent student; he is smart and loves school. He reads well and is incredibly quick with numbers. He particularly enjoys writing stories and drawing pictures. In his free time, Khayone likes to play outdoors with his friends, preferably football. He also likes to make music and counts the days until the next school trip every time.

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Mirella (17)

Mirella has cerebral palsy and has problems controlling the movement of her right arm. Mirella lives with her parents, brother and sister. Her mother is an accountant who works on a project basis and her father is an accident road assistance employee. The family owns a cat and Mirella spends most of her time playing with it. Mirella is a calm, shy, and well-behaved student. She requires encouragement to interact with others or to express herself in a group setting. She needs teacher encouragement to participate in class activities. Mirella enjoys art activities. Regardless of her arm condition, she is capable of holding the paint brush and moving it over a cardboard to create a colourful scene.

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Hayk (11)

Hayk is a sociable curious boy who is very talented in all school subjects and enjoys completing tasks. His favourite subject, however, is maths. Hayk plays football and competes with his team. He would like to become a professional football player when he grows up. In class, Hayk has many friends and is loved by classmates. Hayk lives with his parents and two siblings in a small flat. Only his father works, Hayk's mother takes care of the household and the children.

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