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Graziely (7)

Graziely is a very dreamy girl. In Graziely's chest beats a big heart full of love, kindness, care and compassion. She has a flourishing imagination and regularly mixes reality and fantasy. This girl lives in the enchanted world of fairies and dreams. She loves to paint, play with her friends and find new dreams to explore.

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McGregor Fountain Waldorf School, South Africa

Onikwa (10)

Onikwa is the only child living with his parents. His mother works in a storeroom at a local department stores', his father at the municipality in the maintenance team. Onikwa spends his afternoons with his grandfather, who also works in the municipality's maintenance team. Onikwa's mother teaches him how to cook and he wants to become a chef one day. He proudly tells us, "I can cook rice, muffins and even breaded chicken". At school, Onikwa especially enjoys reading, gardening and stories about Norse mythology.

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Ioana (8)

Ioana is a very communicative and creative nature. She is intelligent and has a big soul, and she gets along very well with her peers. She likes to read and tries to be independent. If there is any doubt, she always tries to find an answer. In class she is very attentive and can concentrate very well. She has a keen sense of observation. Iona lives together with her parents, grandparents and her three older siblings in a non-suburb of Chisinau. Family relations are loving and can be described as warm and caring.

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Eden (4)

Eden has four siblings and he has a very close relationship with his eldest sister. It is very easy for him to make new friends and he always tries to settle disputes in his kindergarten group. He enjoys carving wood, playing on the climbing frame and climbing trees. His imaginative drawings impress not only the children in his group, but also the teachers. He is very curious, loves to prepare things and ask clever questions.

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