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South Africa, Hermanus Waldorf School

The second class of the Hermanus Waldorf School is a lively group of children, full of energy. When the children arrive at school in the morning, they start playing circle games and run around. In the morning they do counting and learn tables with beanbags and movement. They love the Fables and Saint stories and relate well to these. They also love the artistic lessons, drawing, painting, music and handwork, it is their breathing out time. When they knit the whole class becomes completely quiet, because they are all concentrating so hard not to drop a stitch! The children start now see how letters are put together to form a word. Maths is one of their favourite subjects. They love counting forwards and backwards, doing bonds, and enjoy doing the four processes. The class went to the petting farm at the end of last year, where the children enjoyed feeding the animals. This year they plan to visit the penguin colony nearby, to see and learn more about penguins. Some children are physically small and some are really tall for their age, but they play well together, sharing and supporting one another.

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Kenia, Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi

The pupils of the 7th grade are lively and laugh a lot. Most of them are between the ages of 12 and 13. Their cultural backgrounds are diverse, as most families have moved from rural areas to the outskirts of the city in recent years in search of work. Some pupils live in the school's boarding school. The children especially like the music and sports lessons and they also find this year's lessons on the human body very interesting. During the break they play football or volleyball in the courtyard, play clapping and jumping games or sit in the shade under the trees.  The school trips are something very special. Last year the class climbed Mount Longonot in the Rift Valley - a real adventure. Now they are curious where they will go next time.

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Escuela Caracol in Guatemala

Class 4

Up to this date, we have studied the blocks of trades, shelter building, maths, grammar, and bible tales. We recently began the grammar block, all of the students enjoyed deeply studying maths. Escuela Caracol is currently building a two classrooms unit, this construction has been a perfect example for the shelter building block, we have visited on weekly bases the construction site to observe the structure and the way the construction workers perform their tasks. The students also had a great experience while studying trades, as we visited a baker, a weaver, and a beekeeper where we had the chance to observe the beehives and the bees working together. Ours is a quiet group, that has reached very good working habits. As a group, we still need to learn to keep the learning levels even among the whole group. They are ready to face the challenges the next years might bring.

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