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Call for donations

Waldorf Education is a source of hope and change in many countries of the African continent.
But it needs our help... continue




Educational Sponsorships

Our educational sponsorships enable children to attend a Waldorf School in countries with difficult economic conditions. You can take part in shaping the future by becoming a godparent!... continue


WOW-Day is a global student campaign that supports foreign Waldorf schools in need of help and at the same time brings the world into individual classrooms. Join us! Ideas - Sign up - Results... continue

Emergency Pedagogy

Our emergency pedagogy program helps psychologically traumatized children and adolescents in areas affected by war or a disaster. We support them in overcoming traumatic experiences and finding back to normal life... continue

The 10% campaign

Support the development of Waldorf worldwide by participating in the 10% campaign. This will help children get a better education. ...continue

Community Service

Help the world, return gifted with experience. Each year we provide opportunities to about 1000 German and international volunteers. During a voluntary service you can learn a lot about other people, but also about yourself... continue

Become a Supporter

Why are the Friends of Waldorf Education looking for supporters? One of our core principles is to forward project related donations at 100% and therefore, we rely on supporters donating specifically to fund our administrative work... continue

In this edition you can read stories about the courage to begin, for example, from Myanmar...

Incoming - Voluntary Service in Germany

Learning and helping for one year - in Germany... continue

The newly updated World List 2017 is available now... continue


  • +++ 23.03.2017 +++

    New Waldorf World List now online

    We are delighted to publish for the second time today an overall list that includes all Waldorf- and Steiner Schools, Kindergartens and Teacher-Training Centers for Waldorf educators and Waldorf teachers around the world. We have uploaded the extended and updated list on our website. If you would like to [...] more

  • +++ 13.03.2017 +++

    Emergency Pedagogy Annual Conference in Karlsruhe

    War, Ruins, & Traumata EMERGENCY PEDAGOGY – MORE THAN METHODSIn 2017 the emergency pedagogy annual conference will once again take place in Karlsruhe. From June 9th till 11th of this year, we will focus on the topic of “man made disasters”.Wars, violence, and natural disasters threaten many—but especially [...] more

  • +++ 01.03.2017 +++

    Waldorf on Zanzibar

    For a few years now, children have been attending the Waldorf kindergarten situated in a very old, majestic Arabic manor house near the sea. To their great surprise, the children discover many different activities previously unknown to them. For example, painting in watercolors. What a wonderful [...] more

  • +++ 20.02.2017 +++

    Aid for traumatised children in Nepal

    Although one can now barely see the physical damages of the devastating earthquake, which struck Nepal in 2015, many children are just as before heavily traumatised. Helping these children is a priority of the upcoming mission. From February 18th to March 4th, a team consisting of 9 experienced pedagogues [...] more

  • +++ 02.02.2017 +++

    A Waldorf school surrounded by olive trees and vineyards

    Being a Waldorf teacher in Italy is, in most cases, a painstaking task. They are passionate about their job, they connect with wonderful, open-minded children, but they barely earn enough to make a living. There are no government subsidies, and a suitable school building is unaffordable. Read about [...] more

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Call for donations

Waldorf teacher training in South and East Africa needs our help

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