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Emergency Pedagogy in Buenos Aires' prisons

The Emergency Pedagogy Group Argentina has been working regularly in three prisons around Buenos Aires since March. The organization " Sport for Peace " works there with the young people on important ethical and social topics through sports. In discussions and coaching, games are analysed under the aspects of interaction and friendship.

Already in October 2018 Jorge Schaffer was able to visit here and was impressed by the positive effects. On this basis a cooperation developed: For this year ten emergency pedagogy interventions are planned, each focusing on two days of experience pedagogy, art, biography work and everything that turns out to be important.

After the first introduction at the end of March, Jorge talks about the deep gratitude of the young people and guards who, despite the prison situation, appear humane, very friendly and interested. He considers the work with the 18-23 year old young people to be essential:
"Many are severely traumatized, they are afraid of the future. Some would rather stay in prison, because that is still better than what awaits them in the slums where they come from. We want to heal at least part of the trauma; help them with sports, our services and the school ( which is mandatory to participate in the program). Our hope is to show these young people a perspective and a future".

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