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We are looking for sponsors for children all over the world

Guatemala, San Marcos La Laguna, Escuela Caracol

Yonathan (9) lives in San Marcos La Laguna with his grandparents and his single mother. He is a kind and playful boy. Yonathan is a very creative boy and loves to make things with different materials. He made a boat out of a plastic bottle and a litlle motor. Yonathan likes to go to school and his favorite subjects are handwork and gym class.

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Philippines, Iloilo, Gamot Cogon Waldorf School

Trisha (10)  lives with her family in the community Barangay Libongcogon. Her mother is housekeeper and her father is a security guard. Trisha is very shy but dedicated with her school work. One of her best works in class is drawing. She is excellent in arts, particularly from drawing, claw and painting. Trisha is very helpful and organized and careful with her things.

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Hungary, Budapest, Regionale Oberstufe

Nora (15) lives with her mother, her foster father and her brothers in a village near Budapest. She is very purposeful and learns foreign languages in her free time. She writes her own poems an stories.Nora reads a lot of books and enjoys listening to music. She loves the classical music inspring, but also likes to dance to music from the 80´s.

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South Africa, Khayelitsha, Zenzeleni Waldorf School

Onako (7) is a happy boy. He lives with his parents and his two sisters in a part of Khayelitsha. Every morning Onako goes to school with his older sister, who is in third grade at zenzeleni school. In school he loves to sing and in the breaks he plays catch in the schoolyard and goes on adventure. When Onako grows up, he wants to be a boxer.

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Latvia, Adazi Waldorf School

Victor (11) is the eldest child in his family. With great enthusiasm he is doing various experiments and constructing new things. He is keen in mathematics, which ist also his favorite subject in school. Along with this, he is very interesting in learning German language, because he likes how it sounds. During his free times he rides a bike and play soccer with friends.

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Call for donations

Children need nutritious food and when they do not get it at home many schools provide their students with school meals.  But they need our help ...

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