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Emergency Pedagogy

Emergency pedagogic interventions of the Friends are addressed at psychologically traumatized children and adolescents in war zones and disaster areas. Emergency pedagogy helps stabilize affected individuals psychologically and socially. This is done by supporting them in their efforts to process the traumatizing events, and thereby integrate them into their own biography. Through the activation of the body‘s self healing powers, possible long-term post-traumatic stress disorders can be minimized or avoided altogether. Our emergency pedagogic interventions are based on conceptions of Waldorf education and closely related therapeutic instruments.


On the following pages you will find details on the origins of emergency pedagogy, an introduction to the term ‘trauma’, emergency pedagogic concepts, as well as a selection of our of methods. continue


The overarching aim of emergency pedagogy is the psycho-social stabilization of children and adolescents in disaster areas. On the following pages you will find an overview of our assignments. continue


Because the infra-structure has collapsed, working in disaster areas is cost-intensive. Your nonmaterial and financial support helps us to respond fast and effective when disaster strikes. continue


On the following pages we provide an overview of press releases on our emergency pedagogic interventions abroad, including our closing reports and press reviews. continue


  • +++ 11.05.2016 +++

    Educador: Emergency Pedagogy Aid

    On April 16th, 2016 Ecuador was shaken by a devastating earthquake. Many aftershocks followed and left people continually frozen in fear. From May 2nd to 17th 2016 an emergency pedagogy intervention team from the Friends of Waldorf Education is on the ground in order to support traumatised people and train local pedagogues.

  • +++ 10.05.2016 +++

    8th Mission in Northern Iraq

    From April 22nd to May 6th, an emergency pedagogy team traveled to Kurdistan-Iraq for the 8th time. The focus of the mission was the work with children in the refugee camp and the further training of local pedagogues.

  • +++ 10.05.2016 +++

    Save the date! 10 years of the Friends’ emergency pedagogy

    In 2006, after being confronted with psycho-traumatised children in a refugee camp in Beirut during the 2006 Lebanon war, the special education teacher Bernd Ruf developed a comprehensive concept for emergency pedagogy based on Waldorf pedagogy. We want to honour this anniversary on the occasion of our annual conference. More information about the annual conference can be found here.

  • +++ 10.05.2016 +++

    Emergency Pedagogy Aid in Brussels

    On April 19th an emergency pedagogy team will travel to Brussels for a short mission. After the horrific attacks, teachers, parents, and interested person will be supported in processing their experiences with lectures and workshops.

  • +++ 02.02.2016 +++

    “Healing through movement and arts”

    “Healing through movement and arts”: A terrific report by our cooperation partner UNICEF about emergency pedagogy work in northern Iraq.

    You can read the whole article here.

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