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Call for Donations

Earthquake in Nepal: Help us with your donation to carry out an emergency educational deployment and support the reconstruction of the country’s school infrastructure... continue


WOW-Day is a global student campaign that supports foreign Waldorf schools in need of help and at the same time brings the world into individual classrooms. Join us! Ideas - Sign up - Results... continue

Emergency Pedagogy

Our emergency pedagogy program helps psychologically traumatized children and adolescents in areas affected by war or a disaster. We support them in overcoming traumatic experiences and finding back to normal life... continue

The 10% campaign

Support the development of Waldorf worldwide by participating in the 10% campaign. This will help children get a better education. ...continue

Community Service

Help the world, return gifted with experience. Each year we provide opportunities to about 1000 German and international volunteers. During a voluntary service you can learn a lot about other people, but also about yourself... continue

Educational Sponsorships

Our educational sponsorships enable children to attend a Waldorf School in countries with difficult economic conditions. You can take part in shaping the future by becoming a godparent!... continue

Become a Supporter

Why are the Friends of Waldorf Education looking for supporters? One of our core principles is to forward project related donations at 100% and therefore, we rely on supporters donating specifically to fund our administrative work... continue


WOW-Day celebrates 20 years, big steps in Kyrgyzstan, resurgence of Waldorf education in China and more... continue

Incoming - Voluntary Service in Germany

Learning and helping for one year - in Germany... continue

Emergency pedagogy

Helping psychologically traumatized children and adolescents in areas affected by war or a disaster... continue

List of Waldorf Schools worldwide

The newly updated World School List 2015 is available now: featuring all Waldorf schools around the world... continue


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Call for Donations

Earthquake in Nepal

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Waldorf on growth course in Shenzhen

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