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International Students' Conference 2019


Is it courage that guides you or is it fear that forms your actions?
At this year’s conference we would like to come together to develop an understanding about when courage might be the solution for personal and societal issues.
How can we manage to let courage lead us throughout our lives? And what is it that makes it so difficult? Have we come to a point at which we need courage as a new basis in order to solve old, stagnant problems of personal and global kinds? How do courage and fear influence our ideals and our political views?


How and why do fears arise? How can we work on breaking them down? Many of us have grown up without firm values which religion or authoritarian education would provide. Thus the question arises how we can find direction in our lives and what values we want to live with. So how can we manage not to look for direction in simple but often exclusive ideologies, but to let our free will guide us and to find values which embrace reality in its wholeness, complexity, and diversity? Let us all together encourage ourselves to create a change which enables us to live together in unconditional solidarity with values that are worth fighting for. Let us raise courage to break down old paradigms and to stand for our convictions.

Sei dabei!

Um diese Fragen dreht sich die Internationale SchülerInnentagung, die vom 23.-27. April 2019 in Dornach stattfindet. Im Goetheanum treffen sich Schülerinnen und Schüler aus der ganzen Welt und feiern das 100-jährige Jubiläum der Waldorfschulen.

Neben interessanten Vorträgen und Arbeitsgruppen findet ein buntes Programm aus Workshops und Kulturprogramm statt. Auch der WOW-Day wird mit einem Workshop und Changemaker-Talk dort sein!


International Students' Conference
23. April - 27. April 2019
Goetheanum, Dornach (Schweiz)
Alter: 16-19 Jahre
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Instagram: isc_2019

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