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Action Week 2004

During the Action Week of the German Waldorf schools in the autumn of 2004, 119 Waldorf schools had a WOW Day - thousands of pupils organised activities and the money they raised went to help children in Africa. 

In Stuttgart the Waldorf teacher Lorna Davis, who helped found the Inkanyezi School in South Africa was handed a symbolic cheque for 24,000 Euros. The donations from many schools came in later and the total raised was 360,000 Euros!

We want to heartily thank all the pupils, teachers and parents who helped in this unique event.

Some of the projects we could help:
The Centre for Creative Education in Cape Town to help train many teachers for township kindergartens (at present there are 100 women in training).
The Waldorf school in Freetown (Sierra Leone), which finally with this help could buy an own plot and building.
The Waldorf school in Dar es Salaam (Tansania), which then could buy a school bus and send their teachers to the regular training modules in Nairobi (Kenia).
The Waldorfschule Dassenberg (60km north of Cape Town). The school is attended by around 100 children from poor families. Part of this donation was our contribution towards a BMZ financed project to build the school a much needed kindergarten.

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