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How it works

Deciding on an activity

There are countless ways to shape your very own WOW-Day. Together as students, teachers and parents you may come up with wonderful ideas of how to raise donations for Waldorf and social institutions worldwide.

Whether your circus performance makes the audience wonder, you support a farmer as a harvester, or you explore your limits during a charity run. You can organise small or big activities for the young and the old. Or maybe you come up with something really crazy? Everything is possible. Most importantly, you should have a lot of fun dedicating a full day towards a good cause. Suggestions for your activities can be found here.

Important questions are:

  • What is a suitable date for your WOW-Day campaign?
  • Which teachers/parents might help you in organizing your fundraising project?
  • Can the student council lend you a helping hand?
  • Do you want to plan something big for the entire school or does each class raise funds independently?
  • How much time do you want to invest and what needs to be organised until that date?
  • Do you want to inform the press and media and gain more visitors?

The process

The WOW-Day campaign is open to all students in grades 1-13 at Waldorf Schools. To register please simply fill in the online form with the name of the contact person at your school. 

Collecting and transferring funds

Based on German legislation, we generally ask that WOW-Day funds are first compiled on an official school account and subsequently the total amount is transferred to the Friends of the Friends of Waldorf Education.

Students who work in a company on WOW-Day should ask their employer to transfer wages directly to the account of their school, as specified in the employment contract.

We ask the schools to transfer the WOW-Day funds to the Friends of Waldorf Education as soon as possible after the campaign. This is very important, because this is the only way we can forward the donations quickly to the beneficiary projects and make sure that students receive timely feedback from those projects.

Donation receipt

The employer does not receive a donation receipt for employing a WOW-Day student, since he is not making a donation, but remunerates the student for his/her work. It is the student who donates to WOW-Day. For students we are also not allowed to issue a donation receipt for this tax-free remuneration, which should not be a problem for most. 

Letters of thanks

After the completion of the campaign we will send all participants a collection of thank you letters from the projects that were supported by your commitment. We ask you to be patient, because WOW-Day has grown in the past 20 years to an international campaign. As a result, the processing of funds takes a certain time and several steps need to be completed before the projects can thank you and let you know about how they used your money. 

Meanwhile, we look forward to learning about your WOW-Day activities. Write us at wow-day[at] and tell us about your great ideas and experiences on WOW-Day. We also invite you to send us nice photos, videos or articles in school newspapers, as we would like to share your creative ideas and thus contribute to the world growing a little more together as one.

Your dedication makes a difference

"Taiteri mauwene - Gasonki!" In the language of the Ashaninka-People this means: "A Good day to all and thank you!" The Pro Humanus travelling school is one of the many projects in South America that was supported through WOW-Day in recent years. Thanks to your dedication and commitment, the students and teachers of a small village school in the Peruvian rainforest received new pens and books.

Your donation makes a difference. Whether in Peru, Kenya or Georgia. The collected funds are transferred at 100% to projects around the globe. The Friends of Waldorf Education thereby take over the administrative costs so that not a single penny is lost. In this way, Waldorf and social initiatives from more than 40 countries have been supported in the past 20 years.

Projects around the world

Institutions that need support, can be found under projects around the world. You can either decide on a specific project that you would like to support or you can donate to the general WOW-Day Fund. This fund allows us to support institutions worldwide that urgently need help. In this way we can especially help smaller initiatives that do not yet have a large group of supporters. If you would like to support a specific institution, you can inform us at any time, even after registration and up to the time until your donation reaches us.

WOW-Day 2018

Revenue: 234.946,02 €

(Update: 31.01.2019)


WOW-Day 2017

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