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Peru: Estrella de Sauce


A new roof for the Waldorf initiative in Sauce

The Waldorf Initiative in Sauce, Peru works to ensure that people and especially children in very rural areas have access to good education. They enrich the educational and social offer in the region and enable people to widen their education, to be creatively active and to participate in social life, regardless of their social, health or economic circumstances. In order to maintain the diverse offer, the initiative is dependent on donations and needs support in financing their running costs, among other things. In addition, they would like to renew and repair the roof of their building. The repair of the roof will cost about 3,000 Euros. In total, they need 6,200 euros for this year.


About the project:

Estrella de Sauce is a small Waldorf initiative in Sauce offers people in very rural areas access to good education. The project is located near Tarapoto, in the northern jungle of Peru. The association supports work in kindergartens, offers afternoon care for school children, teaches people with disabilities who are often rejected by public schools despite compulsory education, and gives senior citizens the opportunity to experience more community again.

In the Waldorf initiative, the two main teachers Lourdes Jibaja and Martin Stevens work together with an assistant teacher, two volunteers from Germany and a housekeeping stuff in order to implement and improve the education as well as the individual social development of people in rural areas. Four days a week, 40 children attend the small school and one afternoon a week, about 20 senior citizens come to the Estrella de Sauce to do handicrafts and exercises, eat together and talk. The children are taught subjects like art and handicrafts, but also academic subjects and English, and they play a lot together. Every day they get snacks and drinks and, if necessary, medical help.

During the school holidays, the association organises various events for the children and seniors, such as a summer camp with games, English songs and verses, table tennis and excursions. At Christmas, all the children and seniors get presents and there is a nice party with cake and drinks.

"Our vision is to continue this community programme and increase the number of children once the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted."

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