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Chile: Kaspar Hauser Kindergarten


Beauty and warmth for children at social risk in the Kaspar Hauser Kindergarten

The Kaspar Hauser Development Centre in Santiago, Chile would like to give beauty and warmth to about 40 children. The children who go to the kindergarten live in very poor conditions characterised by cold, poverty and violence. In the Kaspar Hauser kindergarten, they find refuge from the social danger they experience. The kindergarten needs to renovate the premises. The main hall should get new windows and doors. The old windows and doors date back to the demolition of the former building in 2003 and are energy inefficient and do not comply with Chilean safety regulations. The purchase and installation will cost about 3,000 Euros. In addition, the old tables and chairs that were donated to the kindergarten by other schools 10 years ago should be replaced with new tables and chairs. This will cost about 2,000 euros.

The kindergarten is dependent on donations to raise the 5,000 euros for the renovation. They need the donation to continue to provide children an educational environment that nourishes their spirits and encourages them to cope well with the challenges of their lives.


About the project:

The Kaspar Hauser Development Centre is a non-profit organisation located in the very vulnerable Peñalolén neighbourhood of Santiago, Chile. The project offers about 40 children from low-income families living in social risk situations the opportunity to feel safe in a Waldorf kindergarten. The Kaspar Hauser Kindergarten is a special kindergarten with extended opening hours, open twelve months a year. This is unique for all those in Chile who cannot pay for private education for their children.

The team of five Waldorf teachers also works with the children's families, offering parenting skills workshops and conducting cultural activities with the community to protect the environment and promote the recovery of public spaces. Public and private organisations as well as volunteers who come through the Friends of Waldorf Education volunteer service and interns from local universities support the team.

For a glimpse into Kaspar Hauser's daily life, follow their Instagram channel or visit their Website.

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