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There are many possibilities to combine get active and show your commitment at the same time. For more information please click here.

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Which route will you cover? Please indicate your starting and finishing points. (e.g., from Rudolf Steiner School New York to The Brooklyn Waldorf School)

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We would like to support the following anniversary project*:

Please choose the centennial projects for WOW-Year you would like to donate for: kindergarten, pioneers, school meals. You are also welcome to select several projects. Unless you state otherwise, we will share the proceeds equally among several projects.

If there is a specific Waldorf institution that you already feel connected to, e.g. your partner school, thank you for entering the exact name in the field above. If you prefer to leave the destination of your donation open, this is of course also possible. In this case we will use your donation wherever it is urgently needed. In this case, please enter “open” in the field above.

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