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One whole year WOW-Day

2019 will be WOW-Year. This means that you can hold your fundraising activities throughout the year, even several times. Together, we would like to celebrate that the foundation of the first Waldorf School in 1919 has turned into a worldwide movement.

What’s different?

The regular campaign period from 29 September to 29 November does not exist in 2019. You can choose your campaign days as you like, for example in connection with your Waldorf 100 relay race or another school event for the centenary.

What remains the same?

Also in 2019, WOW-Day comes to life through your campaigns. Whether student, teacher or parent, together you can make plans for WOW-Day: For example, you can organize an open stage, inviting the audience to spontaneously show off their talents, be a waffle maker and enchant with your sweet delicacies, or dig up old treasures for a flea market. Whether big or small - any kind of campaign is possible!

Our Cenntenial Projects

To make a spirited start into the second century of Waldorf Schools, we would like to introduce our jubilee projects for WOW-Year. This is where the need is especially great. Together we want to collect donations for these fields!

Cooperation with the Waldorf 100-marathon

In cooperation with the Waldorf 100-marathon, we would like to invite you to various sporting activities, which will connect schools around the world in the anniversary year. Whether you would like to organize a joint running event of several schools starting at different points and finishing at one point so the distances covered form a star or a relay across the country. For each track covered, the runners ask for small or large donations, which can go from private to large corporate donations.

Further infos: waldorf-100.org/en/project/marathon-around-the-world/

Centennial projects for WOW-Year

For a lively start into the second century Waldorf School, we would like to present you our anniversary projects for the WOW-Year. Together we want to collect donations for these themes!

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WOW-Year worldwide

Here you can find the already registered schools for the WOW-Year. Is your school already registered?

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Ideas for Your Campaign

There are countless ways to shape your own WOW-Day. A collection of colourful ideas can be found here.

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