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Southernmost Waldorf School?

About fifteen years ago Waldorf education came to Patagonia. There are, of course, beautiful landscapes in Patagonia, magnificent high wooded mountains and large lakes, glaciers all the way to the south, but also oil towns like Neuquen, which have no aesthetic appeal at all. In this town, a doctor decided to found a Waldorf school and could recruit Ursula Vallendor from Buenos Aires for teacher training. And to bring a beautiful impulse into this desert, the school was called Valle de Sol. In fact, this initiative soon began to shine. After the painful years of building up the school from scratch, more and more parents and children joined. Then there was sufficient strength for the construction of a new building and a move to a place strangely called China Muerte (“dead Chinese”). Parents, teachers, children and friends packed up and built their own schoolhouse. And every construction milestone was celebrated Argentinian style, because after the completion of each work phase the school community enjoyed coming together for a proper feast. 2016 marked the introduction of the upper stage and of course more rooms are required now....

Over time, China Muerte truly becomes a Valle de Sol.

Nana Goebel

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