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May 2018

Motueka – A little Waldorf School in the countryside

New Zealand comprises two islands: the harsher South Island and the lovelier North Island. At the northern coast of the South Island is Tasman Bay, where little towns are lined up along the coastline. And on the outskirts of one of theses towns, at the foothills of a vast mountainous national park, some people bought a 13 hectares property, which is now the home of the Motueka Waldorf School. Its central idea is to give preschoolers and primary school students a childhood in nature and to learn with them by discovering things and by being inventive.

The new location of the school in the middle of a biodynamic farm and in one of the most pleasant climates of New Zealand enables the students to develop a relation to nature that is filled with curiosity. They can grow up healthily and develop social and practical skills at an early age.

There is a lot to explore for children and adults alike. An idyll and an outdoor classroom at the same time. There is lots of sunshine and even in winter the temperatures hardly ever go below freezing, offering the opportunity to actually have the classes outside and to include many practical assignments into the lessons. In this respect, Motueka is probably a rather unusual Waldorf School with a highly motivated community of parents and teachers, who are doing everything they can to do the next steps in consolidating the school and would greatly appreciate any and all support.

Nana Goebel

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