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March 2018

Cruz del Sur – Waldorf in El Calafate

In Southern Argentina, at the foot of the gigantic Perito Moreno Glacier, almost at the end of the inhabited world, where the blue shimmering ice begins, lies El Calafate. By now, tidings of Waldorf education have even reached the southern tip of the continent. A Waldorf teacher training, regularly led by teacher trainers from Buenos Aires, was established in 2015 and a Waldorf kindergarten was founded in 2016. A number of young parents, undeterred by all obstacles, organize regular meetings, rain or shine, where they study, plan, and drink Mate tea – all that is needed to achieve a goal in Argentina. Donations for the traveling expenses for the teacher trainers are very welcome.

There is a lot to explore for the children. In this part of the world nature is strong, creating a space for adventure and discoveries. Especially in the warm months you can swarm out and, for example, collect everything you would like to take a closer look at. A healthy balance between the strong nature and the internal life, stories, tales, songs, and sayings, which needs to be constructed very consciously, is essential for survival in this region of the world – and in the southernmost Waldorf institution.

Nana Goebel

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Freunde der Erziehungskunst
GLS Bank Bochum
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