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Waldorf on Zanzibar

For a few years now, children have been attending the Waldorf kindergarten situated in a very old, majestic Arabic manor house near the sea. To their great surprise, the children discover many different activities previously unknown to them. For example, painting in watercolors. What a wonderful experience when one’s own hand produces colors on the paper. The mood is suddenly very quiet and humble in this big room of the old manor house.

The children of the first grades have already moved to another house on a large property destined to host the kindergarten as well, at a later time. These children are lucky, since their teachers are committed, go to Nairobi for teacher training, develop a curriculum that incorporates elements from the African traditions of the majority population, as well as elements from the Arabic Muslim tradition. The teachers invest a lot in the children, which come, apart from a few exceptions, from the poorest social strata and would, without this chance, have to attend the loud and overcrowded state schools. Here, the Waldorf School is a chance for a different future, a chance to escape from the vicious circle of poverty through one’s own effort. Like any other African Waldorf School, the little elementary school of the Creative Education Foundation Zanzibar can’t rely on support from their government and depends on donations to cover their operational expenses.

Any support is very welcome.

Nana Goebel

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