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Outside of the metropolis at the Xiang River

Only about a 20-minute drive outside of Changsha, a 7 million metropolis and provincial capital of Hunan, a simple school building from the 1960s is tucked in between rice fields and lush tropical trees, from which the nocturnal rain is still dripping. When the city did not yet intend to compete with the major cities of the country by planning to build 800 skyscrapers, these farmyards with buildings on four sides were built as school buildings for children of the surrounding farmers.

Today the Waldorf School in Changsha uses one of these buildings that are shielded towards the outside. The courtyard thus becomes a wonderful large playground. It only does not offer protection from the sky, which is difficult during tropical downpours. Somehow, the teachers and children have learned to cope with the tropical moisture that is present in walls, clothes on the floor - everywhere.

Four years ago, a group of parents started a Waldorf school in Hunan and sent the teachers for training. University professors and teachers of state schools had joined the initiative and now teach based on Steiner's Study of Man - and that in the city where Mao Zedong became a communist.

Nana Goebel

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