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January 2018

Waldorf Education at an elevation of 6200 feet in Kenya

Just outside of the district capital of Kitale and only a negligible 25 km from the border of Uganda, Juliet Mia began to build a village school with some colleagues. Most of the locals work in agriculture, e.g., on the big tea plantations, and they live in houses without electricity. So the two simple clay houses of the school are not connected to electricity or water, either.

Every morning, the rooms fill up with many children from grades one to seven. They all attend the Humane School, whose teachers attend the Waldorf teacher training in Nairobi. They try really hard to establish a different type of school – under the simplest circumstances. For this to be possible on a daily basis, the teachers rely on there being people in Europe, who are committed to the future of these children and are ready to pay their teachers’ salaries. Waldorf education in such countries is only accessible for poor children if other people support it financially. The children need this school today, so that African countries will finance independent schools in the future.

Nana Goebel

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