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Waldorf is booming in the Banat

Waldorf is booming in the Banat

Never before have the Waldorf Kindergarten and the Waldorf School seen waiting lists as long as those for the upcoming school year. After long years of hardship, the quality of Waldorf education is finally becoming widely known, and many young parents are enrolling their little children.

Timişoara is the center of Romania’s economic upturn; several major German corporations have their manufacturing facilities there and are looking for personnel. Whoever is looking for a good job moves to the Banat. And with the salaries paid there, young parents are able to afford a place in a Waldorf Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten is constructing new buildings! And is creating room for four more groups of children. The Kindergarten teachers are already in training or are working as assistants in the existing four groups. Only the financial issue still needs to be solved. Despite the support of a major contributor, a foundation, and the Friends of Waldorf Education, and despite the great commitment of the parents, there is still a gap, which needs to be filled.

Every support is welcome!

Nana Goebel

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