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Social work in Bahia needs our support

For many years, the Salva Dor project is working to get children off the streets and provides them with loving care, three meals a day and the necessary support, which they unfortunately do not receive at home from their own parents. Together with the rhythm provided in kindergarten and activities that stimulate child development, the children gain internal and external stability. This hopefully contributes to their ability to live through their teenage years with enough strength.

Unfortunately, the opportunities to play outside are limited, because the property is very small and there are no green areas. Moreover, there is not enough space to build a sandbox or to create a herb garden. All the more beautiful, it is inside! The children often come to Salva Dor sad, anxious and insecure. But here they can develop in a nurturing environment that provides them with security, confidence and balance. This experience is important and goes as far as the fact that the children do not want to go home in the evenings. For the teachers this provides deep meaning to their work and motivates them to continue. And therein lies precisely the problem.

Teachers often do not receive a sufficient salary or no salary at all, sometimes for months, because the project is solely funded by donations. But they stick to it and want to preserve this initiative for the sake of the children. And without the ongoing support from Germany, the children would still be out on the streets. Therefore, please help us!

Nana Goebel

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