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Waldorf School needs a new roof

In 1997, the Sashalmi Waldorf School was founded in Budapest's Rakosmenti district and in 2003 moved into a one-hundred-year-old primary school building in the 16th district. Today the students from Class 1 through 8 frequent this building on a daily basis. Like in many Hungarian Waldorf schools, many more student would like to attend the school. Indeed, the waiting lists are long - especially also for children who come from one of the four surrounding Waldorf kindergartens.

The Hungarian Waldorf kindergarten and school movement is growing. This year, the 36th Waldorf School was founded. Of course, this also has to do with the content and methodical requirements for state schools, according to which not even teachers at state schools want to continue working. As a result, inflow is growing.

To meet this growing demand, parents and teachers of Rakosmenti Waldorf Iskola want to further expand their old primary school building. A school community with a strong cohesion that wants to achieve a lot in the future.

Nana Goebel

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