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Waldorf Education in Turkey

Turkey: Since 2009, there is a young but growing Waldorf movement developing in Turkey. Its goal is to establish kindergartens in the near future and work towards the foundation of Waldorf schools in the long run. After the end of a two-year teachers' training course in summer 2011, the newly founded association in Istanbul mainly focuses on organizing various advanced seminars and the support of the three kindergarten initiatives in Istanbul, Bodrum and Alanya.

Former participants of the teacher-training course from Istanbul founded the two kindergartens in Istanbul and Bodrum. Their aim is to put into practice what they have learned and do everything that is currently possible for the children in this early stage of development of Turkish Waldorf education. In Turkey, there is a law that allows parents to operate a neighbourly care for their children for up to 12 children per facility, without having to apply the laws for an official kindergarten. Both kindergartens benefit from this rule. However, both initiatives wish to be recognized as an official kindergarten, as soon as “real Waldorf educators” take over the group.

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