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Colegio Ceiba - the only Waldorf kindergarten in Monterrey

Mexico: Colegio Ceiba is the only Waldorf kindergarten in Monterrey, a city of four million amidst the mountains of North-eastern Mexico. Located near the U.S. border, the area is strongly influenced by the North American culture. The Friends of Waldorf Education have supported the kindergarten in 2011, to equip it according to the children’s needs.

South of Monterrey lies the Sierra Madre and in the north the vast prairie begins. In the east, on the other hand fruitful fields allow for farming, while a semi-desert extends towards the west. In between lies Monterrey - an international metropolis. However, due to the strong political unrest, people can no longer move about freely. The kindergarten trips are therefore limited to the nearby parks.

Seven years ago, Carmen Maria de la Peña Ruiz established the first and only Waldorf kindergarten in Monterrey so far. The former Montessori teacher has since continued to attend Waldorf education courses in Cuernavaca. Currently there are about 20 children, who benefit from Waldorf education at Colegio Ceiba. The facilities are very limited and the kindergarten pays a high monthly rent.

Yet the teachers are working on establishing a first primary school for which parents have already expressed their interest. The school wants to expand its premises and the garden, keep chickens and goats and plant fruit trees. Their aim is to build a place where children, despite the violence-ridden environment, can develop to become healthy, respectful and confident people. Furthermore, the school wants to give children from different social backgrounds the opportunity to grow up with this wonderful holistic education.

The kindergarten is in need of financial support in order to be able to continue to grow, to pay the high monthly rent and also enable children from poorer families to benefit from Waldorf education. The initiative would be very grateful for your support!

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Colegio Ceiba
Paseo de las Estrellas
Cumbres Quinto Sector
Monterrey, N.L.
Ph +52 8300 5160

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