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Nature Oriented Education Amidst Beautiful Surroundings

Chile: Since 2006, the Cultural Waldorf Centre exists in Pucón, about 780 km south of the capital, Santiago. The non-profit initiative is registered as a home school and currently has two kindergarten groups and grades 1-6 as well as a grade 8. About 70 children (30 in the kindergarten, 40 at the school) are currently educated.

The Cultural Waldorf Centre Pucón evolved from the impulse of a group of parents who wanted to provide their children with a comprehensive alternative education, which equally encourages their intellectual, artistic, emotional and spiritual development.

Thus, the kindergarten opened with eight children of different ages and two Waldorf educators who teach the children respect for nature and the environment.

The Waldorf Centre is located amidst beautiful surroundings, near the Villarica volcano at the shore of the Villarica lake in Pucón. Attracted by the beauty of the landscape and in search for a more nature-oriented way of life, the school community offers a comprise to mothers, fathers, scholars, craftsmen and artists with the desire to spend more time with the family while being part of a healthy community in which sustainability is highly valued.

The children are taught in Spanish and for the future, there are plans of opening a third kindergarten group. Furthermore, the Centre plans to establish a permanent, purpose built school on a 2,47 acres site, 7 minutes from Pucón in Los Riscos.

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