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A new Waldorf School in Bulgaria

Bulgaria: On 15 September 2011 the first Waldorf school opened in Bulgaria. The school is located in Sofia, the capital city, right next to the already existing Waldorf kindergarten that opened in 2008. Especially in this area, the establishment of an independent school is a very tough but rewarding path.

After the Soviet trade market ceased to exist, with which it had most of its trade relations, the economy of the Bulgarian capital fell into a deep crisis. Many people living in Sofia are still struggling for their daily survival. An average salary is hardly enough to cover the rising prices for food, heating and water.

The Friends of Waldorf Education have supported the development of the new school, since independent schools receive very little government support. In 2001, the recognition of the kindergarten had yet failed due to the resistance of the local education authorities. Also the first attempt to found the school in 2010 did not succeed as a result of bureaucratic hurdles. Fortunately one year later it worked out and today the school has even a new building in prospect.

Currently there are only five first-graders. The kindergarten, however, is already full accommodating 25 children. In 2012, another kindergarten class will be added and the school expects to open two more school grades during the next year. Unfortunately there is currently a lack of teachers, which may slow the process.

Generally the school’s biggest plus is that it can count on the support of parents. They are determined to help the school grow further in whichever way they can. In order to continue the path of establishing Waldorf education in Bulgaria, the school hopes for financial support for its new building.

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