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International Relief Fund: Helping small seeds grow

In most parts of the world the Waldorf movement has established itself as an educational alternative to the existing pre-school and school system. Here in Germany there is a Waldorf kindergarten or a Waldorf school in nearly every town, however, in countries such as Guatemala, Nepal and Zimbabwe, only small seeds have been planted that yet have a long way ahead to grow big enough to be visible for the entire country. From many of these countries where the Waldorf movement is still in its infancy, we receive inquiries as to whether we can help, for example by enabling local teachers to participate in teacher training or by furnishing a kindergarten.

For such occasions we need enough available funds!!

If we want to help in Monterrey, one of the cities in Mexico that is most affected by crime, or in Iloilo, a poor rural area in the Philippines, then we can only do so using independent donations without specific purpose. Here we quickly reach our limits, mainly because most of our donations are intended to and forwarded to specific projects. Only when kindergartens and schools are large enough that they attract visitors from Europe, these initiatives can develop their own circle of donors. Before growing this big, they rely on the fact that there are enough people who trust us to forward unbound donations in a fair and reliable manner to those small initiatives.

With this appeal for the International Relief Fund we sincerely ask you to donate so we can reinforce our position to answer urgent requests from Waldorf kindergartens and Waldorf schools abroad.

There are emergency situations in which large sums are needed immediately, as you may know from our last call for donations. Furthermore, there are also many small but equally important tasks for which no separate appeal is possible and where a huge difference can be made through comparatively small means.

The International Relief Fund is an independent donation fund, with which the Friends of Waldorf Education can react to urgent requests from abroad. Currently, the means of the international relief fund amount to only 3-4% of the total volume of donations. Each year, we receive about € 3.7 million in donations intended for a specific use. In contrast in 2011 we received only € 167,000 indented for the International Relief Fund, despite the growing number of requests for assistance from abroad. To respond in a timely manner, we urgently need more independent donations! Get involved! Help us answer important requests from Waldorf educational initiatives. By doing so you can help create vibrant learning environments for children.

Empower & donate now
Empower & donate now
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