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Admirable things happen, when our former volunteers, members and friends, become ambassadors for a good cause. Here you can learn more about people who are actively engaged in fundraising activities and volunteer with great commitment and dedication!



Former Volunteers support Zenzeleni Waldorf School in Cape Town

We are a group of twelve young people who participated in the volunteering program of the Friends of Waldorf Education between 2009 and 2015. Each of us lived and worked in the townships of Cape Town in South Africa for one year. During this period we had the opportunity to get to know every day life in various Waldorf kindergartens and the small Zenzeleni Waldorf School. Our personal ties to Zenzeleni School and to the local people as well as their often very difficult financial situation are reasons for our commitment.

Already the project name AbantwanaCare (“abantwana” means “child” in the isiXhosa language) refers to the main goal of our project to provide care and attention. By establishing educational sponsorships in cooperation with the Friends we want to make sure Zenzeleni continues to exist and promote the development of the school. Furthermore, it is very important to us that students can stay at school  even if their parents can no longer pay the school fees or cover transportation costs. Ensuring this allows children to attend a school where they experience love, respect and a perspective despite poverty.

What is special about our project is that each year returning volunteers from Cape Town join the group of AbantwanaCare and thus bring with them new ideas and information on the current needs of Zenzeleni Waldorf School. Thus the project is subject to continuous change allowing us to respond as specifically as possible to the developments of the school. Another important part of our project is our semi-annual gathering for which our members come together from different regions of Germany. These meetings are very important, as this personal exchange strengthens our motivation and provides us with a sense of community, while we work together on current issues and tasks.

One current concern of AbantwanaCare is to promote class sponsorships together with the Friends, as they represent an additional form of support for the benefit not only of an individual child, but for a particular community of school children. Therefore we are happy that a school class from Zenzeleni Waldorf School is presented in this very newsletter.

Since we founded the AbantwanaCare project in December 2010 we had to overcome many obstacles, which has strengthened rather than weakened our commitment.

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