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Help a child go to school

In many countries Waldorf schools receive little or no government support. We arrange sponsorships in the sense of educational vouchers. Our approach is an agreement with the local school that education sponsorship donations will benefit children and classes whose families cannot afford the school fees on their own. Find out more about our sponsorships for school classes and children.

We are looking for class and group sponsors

Dieu Giac, Vietnam

Kindergarten Group

The Dieu Giac Kindergarten is located on a compound next to the Dieu Giac Buddhist Temple in Ho Chi Minh City. The enclosed grounds include the nunnery and orphanage, a vegetarian restaurant and staff living quarters. The kindergarten is located in a corner of the orphanage courtyard and has a separate kitchen and facilities for the children.

The two teachers and the cook/assistant all grew up in the orphanage. They now live outside the complex with their young families, but come to the kindergarten because they want to give back to the large family they come from and serve the community. The class is small and consists not only of children from the orphanage, but also girls and boys from nearby families who cannot afford the fees for other preschools. Even the government schools and childcare facilities in Vietnam charge quite high fees. It is wonderful for these young children to be welcomed daily by caring, gentle teachers, to have such a nurturing and harmonious environment where they can play creatively and freely, surrounded by beauty and rhythm.

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Ein Bustan Kindergarten, Israel

The Nursery

The group at the nursery is made up of children aged between 1 and 3 years. The children differ not only in their religions, but also in terms of their languages (Arabic and Hebrew). This peculiarity always presents the educators with new challenges, which they gladly overcome. The group works according to daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms. Each day includes free play, singing and dancing together and storytelling. Every lunchtime, the children eat a warm meal together, which is freshly prepared by a nursery school teacher. In the afternoon, the children play together in the courtyard and take care of the flowers and plants growing there. Playing and singing together is always done bilingually, both in Arabic and Hebrew. The children also celebrate Arabic and Jewish holidays and the associated traditional festivals with their teachers.

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Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi, Kenia

Class 4

The class four comprises of twenty-seven lovely and energetic learners. The learners are a joyful lot who love school a lot. Most of them are easy to socialize with and they have cultivated a good relationship amongst themselves and also with the teachers. All learners are very interesting since they are gifted differently. There are several subjects that the learners get a chance to learn. First and fore most we have blocks that they are taken through. There is the math block, English block and the form drawing block in the classroom. There is farming block where the learners go to the farm to prepare, plant and take care of plants. There is also building block where they learn about different house structures from different cultures from within our country and from outside. The pupils also get a chance to learn other subjects like music, painting, Games, Dance, Handwork and class gardening. These help them to develop their artistic capabilities. In the English block the learners are told the creation stories from the bible and also from traditional African communities. They are further introduced to the parts of speech artistically. Then they are helped to do their own writing and making their own readers. The learners love games, Dance and music lessons. During the last year they had the opportunity to participate in a play that was showcased in the East Africa Anthroposophical conference in our school. The same passion in acting was seen in the class play later towards the end of the year. Most learners in my class need material and moral support to ensure that their learning is smooth.

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