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Waldorf Worlwide: A Newsletter of the Friends of Waldorf Education

100 Years of Waldorf Schools: Beginning the centennial year 2019

With this edition of "Waldorf Worldwide," we are moving into the centenary year 2019: 100 years of Waldorf Education. Read it here.

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100 Years of Waldorf Schools: Two Books by the Friends of Waldorf Education

The great centenary is a welcome opportunity to reflect on what Waldorf education has accomplished over the course of a century. The Friends of Waldorf Education have therefore decided to publish two books on the worldwide Waldorf School movement.

One of these two books will be a real treasure: A coffee-table book with the title “Insights Worldwide – 100 Years Rudolf Steiner Education”, which offers a unique snapshot of the world's largest independent school movement. We are very pleased about the great cooperation with the Leica Camera AG. For the book, Leica photographers are traveling around the world in order to present through their art the unique characteristics of each country and its connection to Waldorf education.

This will be accompanied by an informative volume. In “100 Years Education towards Freedom – Steiner Education in the Countries of the World” the doers, those who are actively involved in Waldorf Schools and Kindergartens all over the world, will tell us what Waldorf education means in their country. Teachers from 80 countries share their stories and the unique aspects of Waldorf Schools in their homeland.

Both books show in their own way the different faces of Waldorf education and are at the same time a tribute to the work of teachers worldwide. They will be published just in time for the great centenary festivities in September 2019 and will make visible, each in its own way, the worldwide network of around 1,800 Waldorf Kindergartens and 1,150 Waldorf Schools in 80 countries.