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Volunteer Service Pertaining to Refugees

Many people are motivated to volunteer. Be it to have a new challenge, to gain new ideas, or just to help others. Already much of the work with refugees is being done by volunteers and many people fleeing are looking for a new task. For everyone, who wants to be involved in working with refugees, but also for refugees who want to complete a volunteer service, an additional 10,000 places have been created by the German Ministry for Families in the “Federal Voluntary Service with Refugees”.

At the Friends of Waldorf Education a concept for this service has existed since February and is being further developed in an ongoing process. For this, a close cooperation with service institutions is provided for as well as being enriched.
A first group of presently about 25 volunteers working in the area of refugees has already started off well.
Cooperation between the emergency pedagogy department and volunteer service department is making it possible for volunteers to participate in lectures and conferences, what all participates are finding very enriching. At the same time, a new and exciting situation results: People with flight background are guests at a conference about people with flight background.

A major problem is as before, that the target group refugees is difficult to reach. Besides this, a possible lateral entry for this target group and the related organisational and pedagogical questions are a challenge for the accompanying persons.

Two further volunteer groups in the area refugees are in planning for the next round of volunteers.

Initial information about voluntary service with refugees can be obtained at the Friends through the telephone number +49 (0) 721 20111 225.


People, who want to be active in work with refugees, and also refugees, who would like to do a volunteer service, can now complete a federal volunteer service relating to refugees. In Germany, there are institutions with diverse work areas available for this purpose.

The application for volunteers, who would like to be engaged in work with refugees, or for refugees, who would like do a volunteer service can be found here.

Information for accepting institutions

As an accepting institution, you can accept refugees as volunteers within the federal volunteer service programme or utilise German volunteers in work relating to refugees. Information about applying for additional places can be aquired by telephone at+49 (0) 721 20111 225 or per email at u.decker@freunde-waldorf.de.

For the acceptance of refugees into institutions, there are legal as well as pedagogical questions which need to be taken into consideration. You can recieve initial information and advising from us at the coordination department set up for this purpose. The contact person available to you is Ms. Diana von Drachenfels, reachable at +49 (0) 721 20111 225 or fluechtlingshilfe@freunde-waldorf.de.

Continuing education

In Winter 2015/16, there will be many continuing education courses offered throughout Germany in the area of emergency pedagogy. The main focus of these courses is the work with traumatised refugee children. You can find more information here.

Open BFD Spots in Refugee Aid

 Schools with Classes for Refugees:

Social Therapy/Curative Education Institutions for Children and Adults with Special Needs

Children's Homes with Refugee Children:

Trade School with Refugee Pupils:

Integration of Refugee Children:

Emergency Pedagogy:

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