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A weekend full of sunshine, birthday cake, and reuniting with friends

20 years ago, the Friends of Waldorf Education sent their first volunteer into the world. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the voluntary service, around 100 former volunteers and 25 staff came together from the 3rd to the 5th of October in Cologne. In addition to lectures and workshops with the theme "20 years of voluntary service-developmental impulses for individual and society,“ there were many opportunities for exchanges and meetings.

To kick off the event, Rasmus Precht, the first volunteer for the Friends, read aloud from his lively report from his voluntary service in South Africa, and talked about the influence this time had on his life path. His contribution was surely a high point of the celebration, also because many former volunteers could identify with his stories. Many guests and former colleagues had the impression, that Rasmus Precht spoke about their own experiences too.

The programme continued on Friday evening with a lecture from Kai Ehlers titled “Global Media-how can people come to self-determination?“ which was followed by a long and interesting discussion. After an early morning Eurhythmy unit, breakfast, and a communal morning circle, the programme was continued on Saturday morning with two keynote lectures one from Constanza Kaliks with the title “Self-recognition: requirement for sustainable engagement?“ and one from Gerald Häfner under the heading “the World laid in our hands-global understanding, global responsibility, and designing the social future.“ Following this on Saturday afternoon, there were different open work stations, which were partially continuations of the lectures and invited further discussion, but also addressed new topics.

Deciding contributions to the atmosphere of the celebrations were the 20th birthday cake on Friday evening, the movement rich folk dance accompanied by bagpipes from central France, and the fantastic rock concert from „Sound Pregnancy“ on Saturday evening, the delicious vegan food, and the impressive architecture of the Waldorf school and the festive autumnal decoration.

The weather couldn't have been better: the sun shined, not only to greet the guests, but also for the entire Friday and Saturday, so that all meals, which were prepared by former volunteers, could be eaten outdoors. 

These wonderful days were ended with closing words from Christian Grözinger thanking all the people who made the celebration possible, and a musical conclusion designed by the former volunteers.


  • +++ 20.04.2017 +++

    Exchange the other way around - A film about the Incoming programme

    A film about an international volunteer doing an "Incoming" service in Germany: In this 3 minute film a volunteer from Brazil shows us his daily life during his voluntary service at a special education institution in Germany. You can watch the film here.

  • +++ 04.04.2017 +++

    Federal Voluntary Service for Refugees

    People, who want to be active in the work with refugees, but also refugees, who would like to complete a voluntary service, can do a "German Federal Voluntary Service relating to Refugees". Here you can find an application for voluntatry service relating to refugees (in German).

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