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Seminars and Pedagogical Support

Seminars and pedagogical support are also a part of the Incoming-Voluntary Service. 

Before, during, and at the end of the year, you will take part in a total of 25 seminar days. 

The seminars serve as a place for exchange about life in Germany and your work.

In addition to the seimars, our colleagues support you in all questions about your voluntary service.

The following seminars are a part of every service:

Introductory Seminar

Mid-Term Seminar A

Mid-Term Seminar B

Seminar: political education

Closing Seminar

Here you can read a testimonal about seminars.


Introductory seminar

The five-day introductory seminar for the international volunteers takes place immediately after their arrival in Germany.

A year of voluntary service requires careful preparation. The goal of the introductory seminar is for each volunteer to closely examine his or her individual needs and expectations. At the same time we want to take an intense look at the German culture and its special characteristics over these five days. Naturally, it is also important for the volunteers to become more conscious of their own culture’s particular traits. They should become increasingly sensitive to recognizing the sometimes considerable differences – as well as similarities – between the customs of their cultures and those of Germany.

Testimonial "Why seminars?"

Mid-term seminar A

The emphasis of this five-day mid-term seminar lies on examination and self-reflection, in particular on the work and experience gained up to this point with the country, culture, people and language. After having spent three months living and working in German institutions, the international volunteers are now in a position to examine the range of their personal expectations as well as to evaluate their achievements and conflicts thus far in an educational context.

Testimonial "Why seminars?"

Mid-term seminar B

After six months living and working in Germany, the time is right for the volunteers to pause and take stock. What has the last half-year brought me personally? What would I still like to learn, experience, and explore? Which goals do I still want to reach? These questions, along with an examination of anthroposophy and its view of human nature, are the key points of this seminar.

Testimonial "Why seminars?"

Seminar: political education

Description coming soon.

Final seminar

At the close of the volunteer year, it is essential for the participants to look back and reflect upon their encounters, experiences, problems and successes. The events of the past months are not the only points on the agenda of the final seminar, however. The future perspectives of the international volunteers should also be examined and exchanged, as the participants will now be saying farewell to each other after twelve months of close cooperation. Accompanying and providing support during the volunteers’ reintegration in their culture’s everyday life is of crucial importance, in order to avoid culture shock and to encourage them in their plans for the future.

Testimonial "Why seminars?"

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