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Waldorf pedagogy is the foundation for Waldorf schools and kindergartens. Its goal is to develop the creative powers of the child from the ground up. There is a special foucs on practicing social competences.

For our placements in pedagogical reas, we receive many applications, but there are only a few voluntary positions avaible here. Please let us know if you are willing to work in another area. Usually only voulunteers with extensive pedagogical expereinces and/or former Waldorf pupils are accepted for these positions. Good to very good German knowledge is required. The minumum age is often 20 years.

In Waldorf schools, joint school lessons for boys and girls, two foreign languages starting in the first grade, main lessons (block teaching), comprehensive school grades 1 to 12, no repeating grades, artisitc design of lessons, comphreshive written report cards, connecting general and professional education, self-management (autonomy) of the school are all a matter of course.

In Waldorf kindergartens, the focus is on helping the child in his discovering and developing of own indivduality. The children experience a structuring of the week and structuring of the year. Play is seen at the same level as work for adults and should be creative and free.


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