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Homes for the elderly

In this field of work, volunteers work in homes for the elderly. Homes for the elderly are for senior citizens, who need support in their everyday lives. The tasks of the volunteers very diverse: personal hygiene, support in everday life, lesuire activities, and much more.With patience and empathy, one accompanies the senior citizens in the final phase of their life journey.

A home for the elderly in the anthroposophic sense is a community of care. The employees are sensitive to the importance of providing treatment and care holistically. They tendnot only to the physical health of the residents. An atmosphere of well-being and security is created in which the older people are encouraged to take initiative in their lives. Social contact and new encounters also play an important role in this context. Together festivals and holidays are celebrated, as well as cultural events, concerts and other activities.

Testimonial: Care for the elderly

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