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Areas of Service

The majority of our volunteer positions are in anthroposophic communal homes for people who, require special care and attention.

"All people are worthy personalities with a right to meaningful, free, and dignified existence."


The communities are based on a climate of friendship and respect.

The people cared for here, learn to live with their disabilities. They discover and improve their abilities in specialized training and workshops. In addition to caring for people with special needs, volunteers have the oppurtunity to learn about diverse workshops (wood, pottery, candle, weaving etc.) and to get to know cultural projects. 

Most of our placements are in the following work areas:

Social therapy

  • social therapeutic living communities as well as workshops
  • Camphill institutions

Curative Education

  • curative educational kindergardens and nursery schools, curative educational children and youth homes and schools; Camphill schools; youth and residential educational homes

There are also places for volunteers in these areas:

Waldorf Education

  • Waldorf kindergardens and intercultural kindergartens with inclusion groups; Waldorf after-school programmes and schools with inculsion classes

Homes for the elderly

  • care and assistance of the elderly; caretaking and housekeeping

Biodynamic agriculture

  • biodynamical farms and gardens in connection with social therapy; animal supported pedagogy

A more detailed description of the volunteer placements can be found in the service locations list, which we will send to you as soon as you have been accepted to the programme. Please let us know if you are interested in certain workshops or therapy forms. We will then see which opportunities we have.

Important to know:

In curative educational institutions, good to very good German abilities are required and the minimum age is often 20 years. Waldorf schools and curative educational institutions often only accept people with much pedagogical experience, for example former Waldorf pupils.

For these placements in the pedagogical area, we receive many applications, but there are very few volunteer placements in this area. Please let us know if you are willing to accept do a volunteer service in another work area.

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