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Placement Sites

To provide you with a quick overview of the philosophy and areas of work at our placement sites, we provide you with a list of our affiliated partners in Germany (list is not exhaustive). As soon as you have applied to us, you will get detailed job descriptions from placement sites that have open positions for a voluntary service.
As you browse through the placement sites, we recommend that you focus on the field of service you would like to work in. Geographic criteria should be only be of secondary importance, as you will spend most of your time at work.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t apply directly to the institution you would like to work at (they will merely forward your application to us). Please send your application directly to the Friends of Waldorf Education incoming[at]freunde-waldorf.de.

The placement sites of the Friends of Waldorf Education are spread throughout Germany and most of them are located in rural areas. In most cases, the nearest town is several kilometers away, and hard to reach via regional local transport. If you are able to ride a bike you will be more mobile. However, provided you are open-minded and creative, living in a rural area offers many recreational opportunities (local sports club, music groups).
We receive many requests for a voluntary service at our few placement sites in larger cities. If you wish to do your voluntary service in a particular city, it is rare that we can fulfill such requests. Should you have specific wishes concerning the geographic location of your placement site, please state them in your application. State the reasons for your request, but don’t forget to add whether you’d be willing to go to alternative placement sites.

List of placement sites (PDF)

Apply here now
Apply here now
Wir schauen nach vorne!

Bleibt optimistisch und macht mit.

Sicher fragen sich gerade viele von euch, wie ein Freiwilligendienst ab Herbst 2020 möglich sein wird. Wir bleiben zuversichtlich und arbeiten intensiv an Lösungen. Deshalb gilt: Bewerbt euch weiter und denkt positiv! Alle, die sich weltweit sozial engagieren wollen und optimistisch nach vorne schauen, werden gerade jetzt besonders gebraucht. Unsere Einsatzstellen freuen sich auf euch. Gemeinsam werden wir es schaffen, den Weg in euren Freiwilligendienst zu ermöglichen.

Apply for a voluntary service

Liebe*r Bewerber*in,

Unsere Plätze sind für das Jahr 2021 belegt.

Unter bestimmten Bedingungen ist jedoch eine Platzierung für Bewerbungen aus der EU möglich. Fragen Sie bei Interesse bei uns an.

Dear Applicant,

Our places are occupied for the year 2021.

However, under certain conditions, a placement is possible for applications from the EU. In case of interest inquire with us.

Chère candidate, cher candidat,

Nos places sont occupées pour l'année 2021.

Toutefois, sous certaines conditions, un placement est possible pour une demande provenant de l'UE. Veuillez nous contacter si vous êtes intéressé.

Estimado solicitante,

Nuestras plazas están cubiertas para el año 2021.

Sin embargo, bajo ciertas condiciones, es posible la colocación de solicitudes procedentes de la UE. En caso de interés infórmese con nosotros.