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Important information

Federal volunteer service in Germany Incoming Program

The Incoming program is designed for motivated, socially committed women and men of 18 years and up whose permanent residence is outside Germany.

Are you interested in helping people with special needs? Would you like to spend 12 months living and working in a foreign country, experiencing a new culture and getting to know the mindset, work ethic and social structure of Germany? If so, you are heartily invited to acquaint yourself with Incoming on the next few pages!

The Federal Volunteer Service (in German: Bundesfreiwilligendienst - BFD) is a special voluntary program initiated by the German government, which started in July 2011.

Overview of the Incoming Program

Requirements for applying to our program and other important facts are available here.

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Areas of service and testimonials

The areas of service are diverse: anthroposophic communal homes for people who require special care and attention, work with children and young people, biodynamic agriculture etc.

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Application deadlines, important application material etc. you can find here.

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Seminars and educational support

25 days of training and pedagogical support during your voluntary service, are forming an essential part of the Incoming Program.

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Placement sites

Here you will find more information on our partner institutions in Germany.

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Do you have any further questions? Here you can find more detailled information about the Incoming Program.

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