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Incoming Program

Federal volunteer service in Germany

The Incoming Program is designed for motivated, socially committed women and men of 18 years and up whose permanent residence is outside Germany.

For a voluntary service starting in August 2018:

Please send your complete application from 1st November 2017 until 28th February 2018.

For applicants from the EU:

Applicants from the European Union and from countries without visa obligation for Germany can still apply for the voluntary service beginning in February 2018.


Please note also, that the latest news and changes are only available in German language. Updates in English as well as other languages will follow as soon as possible.

The Incoming Program offers a wide range of voluntary services in different institutions and areas of work. Learn more...

How to Apply

Application deadlines, important documents and more information is available  here.

Do you have any further questions? Here you can find more detailled information about the Incoming Program. Continue


  • +++ 20.04.2017 +++

    Exchange the other way around - A film about the Incoming programme

    A film about an international volunteer doing an "Incoming" service in Germany: In this 3 minute film a volunteer from Brazil shows us his daily life during his voluntary service at a special education institution in Germany. You can watch the film here.

  • +++ 04.04.2017 +++

    Federal Voluntary Service for Refugees

    People, who want to be active in the work with refugees, but also refugees, who would like to complete a voluntary service, can do a "German Federal Voluntary Service relating to Refugees". Here you can find an application for voluntatry service relating to refugees (in German).

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