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Waldorf Education worldwide

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On occasion of our 30th anniversary we published in October 2001 this publication (208 pages, many pictures) about the development of the Waldorf and curative pedagogic momevent in over 60 countries of the world.

Detailed contributions about the history of Friends of Waldorf Education, of the Waldorf Education and anthroposophical curative education are followed by 60 country reports on 1-2 double pages. People describe authentically the development, situation and characteristics of the Waldorf Education in their respective country. These reports are completed by statistics and contact details.


1. General part

2. Detailed country reports


Near East and Asia

Australia and Oceania



3. Further initiatives

  • Europe
    Greece, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Bulgaria
  • Africa
    Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda, Botswana, Zimbabwe
  • America
    Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Suriname, Ecuador

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