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You can download our newsletter - published in German (print version) und English (online version) twice a year. For questions, simply send us an e-mail.

Spring/Summer 2019

Together for Each Other

Over the past 40 years, the Friends of Waldorf Education were able to support more than 600 Waldorf Schools, nursery schools and day-care facilities, as well as curative education schools. In addition, we are very much committed to the training of teachers. It is only thanks to the active support of many people, which impresses us time and again, that this becomes possible.

On WOW-Day, at fairs, summer festivals, and other fundraising events, teachers as well as students and parents get involved. It is with great pleasure that we forward 100 percent of the collected donations to projects all over the world.

There are many stories behind this kind of commitment. We would like to tell you some of these stories in our latest issue of "Waldorf Worldwide".

English Version, German Version, Spanish Version

Fall 2018/Winter 2019

100 Years of Waldorf Schools: Beginning the centennial year 2019

With this edition of "Waldorf Worldwide," we are moving into the centenary year 2019: 100 years of Waldorf Education. The Friends of Waldorf Education have been accompanying and supporting the founding of schools all around the world for over 40 years. We are constantly witnessing the special energy with which people are founding schools and kindergartens all over the world to give children a safe place to learn and grow. We would like to express and honor this energy in two books that we will be publishing on the occasion of the centenary. (Read more on page 25.)

Without this energy, the strong global network of Waldorf schools would not exist. In the anniversary year 2019, we will also be duly celebrating this network. Starting on page 26, as part of our special topic "100 Years of Waldorf", you can find out more about the many activities and projects that are traversing the borders of countries and continents.

English Version, German Version, Spanish Version

Spring/Summer 2018

School Meals: The special value of school kitchens

You may have noticed the small change on our front page: Our newsletter has a new name. Under the title “Waldorf Worldwide” you will be able to explore all those things you are used to in this magazine, that is to say, news from Waldorf schools, kindergartens, training centers, curative educational and social therapeutic institutions around the globe. In this issue we would like to focus on a special topic: food.

Far too often, we underestimate the importance of a nourishing diet during school time, as well as the challenges running a school cafeteria brings with it. In most families around the globe, both parents are at work during the day and thus need to rely on all-day care offers, which also have to feed the children. As you will read in this issue, some parents are hardly able to feed their families because of a low income. But, of course, there is more to school lunch than just being filling. To be able to learn well, children need a sensible, thought-out diet: education needs nourishment. Additional information on school meals can also be found here on our website.

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Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Learning to Teach: Mentoring

In the fall/winter issue of our newsletter, our main topic will be the work of mentors: experienced educators accompany young schools and kindergartens or initiatives that are about to found. Not only do the mentors have to impart the phases of child development as well as educational methods and tricks, they also have to get involved with the local cultures by integrating them into their work. Just as every teacher learns together with her students, mentoring means that not only their protégés are learning to teach, but also the mentors themselves, by observing how learning can succeed in a particular country under specific circumstances. You can read how this can be done in practice – and much more – in this issue.
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2017 Spring

Waldorf Education in Taiwan
While last fall we went looking for stories about finding the courage to make a new start, transformation is the recurring theme of this issue of our newsletter. Taiwan’s Waldorf movement for example, is trying to transform its organization towards a more structured and supporting body. In this manner, they recently founded the National Taiwan Waldorf Association, which has emerged from the Taiwan Waldorf Forum and is now going to support the founding of new schools. In Haiti’s École du village it is chiefly about returning to the habitual rhythm after the storm, which caused a lot of damage. But it is also about protection from future damage. Read all about this and more in the latest issue of our newsletter.

2016 Autumn

Pioneers Worldwide
In this edition you can read stories about the courage to begin. For example, from Myanmar, which slowly awakens from the rigidity of the past military regime. Or from Greece, where parents are searching for prospects for their children.

2016 Spring

Waldorf education in Mexico
In the current issue you can read about the development of Waldorf education in Mexico, an inspiring training course in Kyrgyzstan and social therapy work in India.

2015 Spring

Looking to the east
In our current issue, we turn out attention to Eastern Europe. You may read about the dragon festival and the start of upper school classes in Lithuania, about the long path to an own building in Russia and about a long-term experiment on Waldorf education and civil society in Ukraine.

2014 Autumn

20 Years Waldorf One World – Day
The WOW-Day student campaign celebrates its 20th anniversary! Read about big steps in Manas Social Village, Kyrgyzstan, about the resurgence of Waldorf education in China and the new building of Arca Mundial in Colombia. 


2014 Spring

Curative Education and Social Therapy
A Camphill in Vietnam, the growing Waldorf movement in China, social work in an Argentinian slum or emergency education in South Africa - this issue provides insight into educational facilities around the world.