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You can download our newsletter - published in German (print version) und English (online version) twice a year. For questions, simply send us an e-mail.

2016 Autumn

Pioneers Worldwide
In this edition you can read stories about the courage to begin. For example, from Myanmar, which slowly awakens from the rigidity of the past military regime. Or from Greece, where parents are searching for prospects for their children.

2016 Spring

Waldorf education in Mexico
In the current issue you can read about the development of Waldorf education in Mexico, an inspiring training course in Kyrgyzstan and social therapy work in India.

2015 Autumn

The school building as protective shell
In this issue you may read about the development in Nepal after the earthquake, the long road faced by many Waldorf schools on the way to having their own building and the characteristics of Waldorf education in China.

2015 Spring

Looking to the east
In our current issue, we turn out attention to Eastern Europe. You may read about the dragon festival and the start of upper school classes in Lithuania, about the long path to an own building in Russia and about a long-term experiment on Waldorf education and civil society in Ukraine.

2014 Autumn

20 Years Waldorf One World – Day
The WOW-Day student campaign celebrates its 20th anniversary! Read about big steps in Manas Social Village, Kyrgyzstan, about the resurgence of Waldorf education in China and the new building of Arca Mundial in Colombia. 


2014 Spring

Curative Education and Social Therapy
A Camphill in Vietnam, the growing Waldorf movement in China, social work in an Argentinian slum or emergency education in South Africa - this issue provides insight into educational facilities around the world. 


2013 Autumn

One impulse, many perspectives
Read more about different ways to realise Waldorf impulses around the world, in Thailand, Israel and Canada, where different realities require other individual practices.


2013 Spring

Educational Sponsorships
In our spring issue we focus on our sponsorship programs with testimonials from sponsors and former sponsored children and we take you on a trip to Kyrgyzstan, Guatemala and the Philippines.


2012 Autumn

Culture and Waldorf education
In our autumn issue of our “Rundbrief” we talk you about the continued existence of the Centre for Creative Education in South Africa, our main topic “Waldorf education and culture” and our BMZ funded school construction project in Madietane.


2012 Spring

High school yes, but how?
In this issue we inform about the Waldorf high schools in the US and Thailand, about the Emergency Pedagogy in Kenya, impressions from Brazil and twenty years Curative Education in Romania.


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