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“To support their growth, we provide them with food here at the school”

In Tibetan “Tashi” means “all that is good”. In keeping with this motto the Tashi Waldorf School, which was founded in 2000, focuses on imparting an education that includes the country’s culture and traditions. It offers an alternative both to the now very outdated Nepalese school system and to expensive private schools. The school aims to offer an education to those children who would not have the opportunity to attend school otherwise. In an interview, Nimaleky Sherpa, teacher and principal of the school, told us that, while it is possible to provide food for the students, it is not sufficient for a wholesome diet. In order to provide the children with nourishing and filling meals, the school needs an additional 500 Euros per month.

Why is it important for the children to be supplied with food at school and nursery school?
Children need quality and healthy food for their mental, physical and spiritual development. However, as a majority of the children at Tashi Waldorf School either come from a poor economic background or are orphans, they have little access to nutritious food. So, to support the students’ growth, we provide them with food here at the school.

What kinds of food does the school need to feed the children well?
Tashi Waldorf School needs food such as seasonal fruits, milk, egg, rice, flour, vegetable, pulses, curds, and salads.

How many children get food at your school and how many meals do they receive per day?
Currently, all 120 children get food at the school. Two meals are offered each day. Students are provided with snacks after the first class session in the morning. Similarly, lunch is provided in the afternoon.

How much does it cost to feed one child for one day?
It costs approximately 60 Nepalese Rupees (about € 0.50) to feed a child per day. An optimal diet would cost approximately 75 Nepalese Rupees (about € 0.60) per day.

What else do you need in order to provide the best possible care for the children?
Beside a healthy diet, good medical care is also very important for our children. Currently, we urgently need a physician and an ophthalmologist to check the students twice a year.



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