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+++ 16.03.2018 +++

San José, Costa Rica: New Kindergarten as foundation for a Waldorf school


„Katú“ means firefly or meeting place in Bribri, language of an indigenous people of Costa Rica. A fitting name for the Waldorf initiative that began to take shape in January with the foundation of a kindergarten. The kindergarten is one of the first Waldorf Kindergartens in Costa Rica and the first [...] more

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+++ 16.02.2018 +++

Waldorf Kindergarten Education in Lashio, Myanmar


In the early 2010s, in the Shan region in northeast Myanmar, several people in the vicinity of Buddhist monasteries asked themselves what an education might look like that was in accordance with their way of life. Through the contact with Abhiseree, the principal of a large Waldorf Kindergarten in [...] more

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+++ 26.01.2018 +++

New Kindergarten in Nanyuki, Kenya


In January, a Waldorf Kindergarten will open in the small town of Nanyuki in the foothills of Mount Kenya. It was initiated by the parents and the teacher Silviah Njagi, one of the most experienced teachers, whose training was financed by the Friends of Waldorf Education. In order to first establish [...] more

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+++ 01.12.2017 +++

Call for donations. Fall 2017


A child’s life needs a sheltering space. Please help us in creating such a space. For some kindergartens even a lot and a building are unaffordable. Many parents can pay only small tuition fees; some cannot pay them at all. But the teacher’s salaries, their training, and the running costs need to be [...] more

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Call for donations

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