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+++ 27.06.2018 +++

Sponsor a whole school with small regular amounts


The Mother School of East Africa - the Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi - has from the beginning in 1989 taken on this huge mission of teaching and caring for very poor children coming from underprivileged homes in Kenya such as slums. This is a demanding, long-term commitment requiring the school to secure [...] more

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+++ 23.02.2018 +++

Visiting Kenya


When in last October the presidential elections once again appeared to take a violent turn, we cancelled our trip to Nairobi. Now, in January 2018, we finally got to go. The trip had become necessary because the Rudolf Steiner School at the outskirts of Nairobi mainly depends on donations from Germany. [...] more

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+++ 26.01.2018 +++

New Kindergarten in Nanyuki, Kenya


In January, a Waldorf Kindergarten will open in the small town of Nanyuki in the foothills of Mount Kenya. It was initiated by the parents and the teacher Silviah Njagi, one of the most experienced teachers, whose training was financed by the Friends of Waldorf Education. In order to first establish [...] more

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+++ 06.10.2017 +++

Serious drought in Kenia


Serious drought can be seen all over the dry savannah-landscape near Nairobi in Kenya, where the Rudolf Steiner School Mbagathi is situated. Long dry cracks are spreading networks through the soil and the acacia trees are dusty grey and brown. Nothing can grow. There are worries all over. It is difficult [...] more

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