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WOW-Day in Korea: „Students grow into world citizens“

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf institutions – that is the idea behind Waldorf One World, WOW-Day for short. For one day, committed people collect donations in many different ways and give the money to Waldorf facilities in need. The Waldorf School Seoul is one of eleven Waldorf Schools in South Korea. The school is joyfully taking part in WOW-Day for the third time. And 2018 is the first year in which it is participating with a high school class, reports WOW-Day coordinator Narae Jeong:

“On a warm spring day, WOW-Day 2018 was held in Seoul. This year was special because we had a high school class for the first time. So 9th grade students planned the entire celebration. The WOW-Day poster was designed by a 9th grade student and shows a traditional Korean work of art. We had a small chorus in opening. 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, and a few teachers sang. They opened the door warmly with songs, and various handicrafts and students sold food. Parents and students played badminton friendly games. And the charity marathon began. The fathers in particular helped to organize the marathon. The students ran as hard as they could for a fixed distance. After the marathon, the student band finished the day with a performance. All the members of the Seoul Free Waldorf School think it meaningful to participate in WOW-Day 2018. Students learn how to plan for themselves and students grow into world citizens. We hope the fund for WOW-Day is well spent and we can participate again next year.

Did you know?
2019 will be WOW-Year. This means that you can hold your fundraising activities throughout the year, even several times. Together, we would like to celebrate that the foundation of the first Waldorf School in 1919 has turned into a worldwide movement. We would like to make a powerful start into the second century of Waldorf Schools and lay the foundation for another 100 years of Waldorf.