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WOW-Day in Mexico: "We took part for the first time and it was pretty funny"

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf education - this is what is behind Waldorf One World Day, or WOW Day for short. On a certain day, people take action by collecting donations in various ways and donate the money to Waldorf institutions in need. For the first time, the Colegio Flor de Lys in Mexico has been participating in the worldwide campaign day and organized a sponsored walk. Gabriel Carlín, staff member and WOW-Day coordinator at the school, tells us how the day went:

“I’m writing you in behalf of the Colegio Flor de Lys community to share with you the joy of being part of the WOW-Day. We organized a sponsored run and it was actually pretty fun. Some of the parents of the school made some t-shirts, we had the chance to read the Michael prayer of Steiner before starting the activity and we all walk or run with all our community and friends. After the race, almost all of us got the chance to play Kubb, which is kind of growing in us. Even if the donation is not much, we send it with all our love to help those schools in Africa.

The WOW -Year is in full swing - participate now!
Some schools have already participated in WOW-Year with wonderful activities. Until December 2019 we invite all students, teachers and parents to become part of the worldwide campaign and to organize their own WOW-Day until the end of 2019.

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