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WOW-Day in the Czech Republic: Students of the middle and upper school get involved

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Worldwide solidarity with Waldorf education - this is what is behind Waldorf One World Day, or WOW Day for short. On a certain day, people take action by collecting donations in various ways and donate the money to Waldorf institutions in need. In 2018, a total of seven Waldorf schools from the Czech Republic participated in WOW-Day, including the Základní škola waldorfská a mateřská škola České Budějovice o.p.s, the Waldorf School in České Budějovice.

“This year, middle school students opted for preparing various activities for smaller children. We approached the kindergartens from České Budějovice and the surrounding area. The students prepared twelve movement games. The children who had taken part in these games received various picture stamps on the back of the WOW Day poster from the students. In addition to these children's games, our students also offered other services for passers-by, such as shining shoes or braiding hair. The donated coins became a money mandala. The sunny and warm weather on 6 November helped to create a pleasant atmosphere, and we achieved a successful result.

The pupils of the upper grades in České Budějovice, which were only established this year, also took part. They decided to work one day in a nursing home. On the 6th of December our students helped with all the preparations for the advent market and the advent singing. The students made advent decorations inside and outside the center.  While decorating the Christmas tree, the students talked to the senior citizens who live in the center. The senior citizens gave good advice to our students and talked about their lives. Our students found these stories very interesting and deeply moving. During the lunch break, the students prepared everything for the advent fair and also helped with snack preparations. After eight hours everything was ready and prepared, and now also the relatives and friends of the senior citizens arrived; the celebration could begin."